What is an Immersive Reality space?

An Immersive Reality space is a shared, collaborative environment which can be used in the special needs environment to support education, therapy and reregulation.

It is a combination of a classroom, sensory room, and therapy suite that is used to great effect in special needs education, providing fully immersive realities for people with additional needs, that otherwise they may not be able to experience.

Through the use of this technology, pupils can engage with a variety of environments and landscapes like never before. By using projection instead of VR headsets, which isolate and can unnerve, students and teachers can encounter and navigate these experiences together, creating unique opportunities for group participation and social interaction.

Anyone can thrive in an Immersive Reality space. Activities likely to draw in youngsters include paragliding, horse riding and scuba diving, which their physical mobility may prevent or hinder in real life.

This allows pupils with special needs to develop key skills and encourage independence, whilst providing many adventures to worlds they may never encounter ‘in the flesh’.

Simulation experiences also help students practice everyday tasks, processes and events in a safe and guided environment, building confidence to take on the real world.

It’s also a space where pupils can go to self regulate, calm down, and return to class with a new sense of self awareness and control. Lessons come alive in an Immersive Reality space!

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