Mental Health and Wellbeing

Immersive Reality spaces are the most inspiring, calming educational room ever. The perfect enabling environment, to support therapy and emotion regulation.

We recognize the importance of everyone’s mental health needs and that is why we have created the perfect environment to support both students and staff alike. The ideal space to reflect and promote collaborative discussion, increasing resilience and improving the wellbeing of all users.

From mindfulness to meditation, an Immersive Reality platform provides specialized content, which can be adapted to any psychological model. We understand the significance of a relational approach to establish an authentic and meaningful connection and know our spaces actively encourage this therapeutic framework.

An Immersive Reality environment is also a safe, controlled space where students can go to self regulate. With specific content to aid the management of behavior and increase the understanding of associated feelings, users will improve their sense of self awareness and control.

For more information on the Benefits of Immersive Reality for mindfulness and meditation, click here.