Funding Avenues

An Immersive Room is a long-term investment with proven benefits and enormous potential to impact and enrich so many lives. We are committed to helping support your vision to become a reality by providing a variety of available funding resources and avenues supporting public and private and charter schools, organizations, communities, and individuals wanting to utilize the power of Immersive Reality to improve outcomes.

Immersive Reality is a unique and comprehensive hybrid solution – part EdTech, special needs, learning environment, supplemental curriculum, and professional development, and subsequently may be eligible for funding in any or all areas.

Immersive Reality is a researched-based inclusive solution providing access to engaging real-life experiences to engage and inspire learners of all ages and abilities to prepare for life.

  • Supports Students Social, Emotional, and Mental Health Needs.
  • Addresses the Unique Needs of Disadvantaged Populations.
  • Uses technology and shared experiences to teach STEM and problem solving.
  • Based on Universal Design principles and access to assistive technology for children with disabilities. 
  • Read how Immersive Reality is qualified and eligible for ESSER funding here.

Funding Resources

Federal Title Funding, 21st Century, and IDEA, Part B for Special Education here

Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) here

Education Stabilization Funds (ESSER, GEER, EANS, CARES, CRRSA, ARP) here

ESSA Title-IV A Guidebook to EdTech funding here

Funding for Non-Public Schools here

Gov. Grant Finder here

Foundational Support

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation here

The Wallace Foundation here

The Walton Family Foundation here

Oak Foundation learning differences grant here


Community Organizations: PTA, PTO

Research and Development Grants: Immersive Reality works with universities and, on occasion, there is opportunity to include partner development schools as evaluation centers.

Charitable Support: We are assembling a curated list of independent funding avenues that may be appropriate in helping you to achieve an Immersive Reality Space: