How Virtual Reality Learning Environments Benefit SEN Pupils

Virtual reality offers an array of wondrous opportunities when it comes to making learning more accessible for pupils with special educational needs and disabilities. The experience has the ability to improve quality of life, enhance social participation, strengthen life skills, and, most importantly, provides a unique, interesting and motivating experience.

With outstanding full 360-degree video, ultra-high resolution images and truly interactive computer generated scenes, the space provides a fantastic resource for SEN pupils to learn. Bridging the gap between imagination and real life, the shared space allows the user to experience the world from the safety of their school, whilst providing another dimension for teachers to engage with their students.

At the heart of the Immersive Reality space, you will find superb curriculum-rich content designed to inspire and excite. It’s a unique space that maximises learning by allowing pupils to truly experience a subject. Discover outer space, visit the Serengeti, and walk through the icy-cold arctic to learn in a stimulating and memorable way. This mind-blowing experience makes learning any subject exciting and thrilling, ensuring information is retained more effectively. The shared virtual experience promotes group participation and the development of key life skills – including tracking, cause and effect, colour and shape recognition, as well as important social interaction skills. The skills are developed in a safe and non-threatening environment, ensuring the children feel at ease.

Not only can children explore the wonders of the world in an immersive space, but they also have the opportunity to experience activities, such as paragliding or visiting a farm. These activities can seem daunting to some SEN pupils, so our rooms can help them prepare for future situations, by developing empathy and understanding in a controlled, safe environment.

Our Immersive Reality spaces allow the user to have full control of the environment in a variety of exciting ways. These include touch and movement control, gesture control, wireless Xbox controller, as well as the incredible Xbox Adaptive Controller created by Microsoft. The touch and movement control allows intuitive interaction, the Xbox wireless controller brings a familiarity to a huge range of users, and the Xbox Adaptive Controller allows those with limited movement to control the space. The freedom of movement gives the children a sense of control of their environment, and ensures the space is available to all, regardless of their age or ability.

The benefits of an Immersive Reality space for SEN pupils are extensive – it strengthens their life skills, encourages inclusion, and allows them to gain a sense of control and independence, all whilst providing an enjoyable and memorable experience which reduces anxiety and stress.

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