The Immersive Hub – Immersive Storytelling for Libraries

Immersive storytelling is a technique that uses the latest technologies to create a compelling sense of presence. It gives the audience the feeling of really “being there.” It’s a unique and impactful way of blending reality with fiction.

Immersive Reality has created The Immersive Hub – a unique, state-of-the-art virtual reality event solution under one roof. Using the very latest technology to create an immersive space that will greatly enhance the library experience ready for the 21st Century.

We’ve taken everything we have learned from decades of experience to create a flexible, robust and complete solution to enable creativity and drive community engagement.

Why consider The Immersive Hub for your library?

  • Drive innovation and new thinking on the role of libraries in a modern society
  • Create an inclusive, modern, sustainable and high quality public library service at the heart of the community
  • Reach those ‘difficult to reach’ members of the community
  • Create imaginative environments for immersive storytelling and creative writing
  • Offer unique opportunities for people that may otherwise be unable to experience them
  • Provide a revenue stream for the library to be sustainable and generate income

Our unique content is designed to educate, enthral and entertain and falls into a number of categories;

  • CGI Immersive Storytelling Scenes – immerse your audience in stunning scenes to elevate storytelling to another level
  • 360 HD Video Experiences – Stunning videos from around the world and beyond – almost any experience is possible!
  • CGI Simulations – free roam environments for discovery and learning. Interactive scenes to develop key life skills
  • 360 HD Images – fantastic pictures to inspire and calm
  • Bespoke Content – our in-house development team can create content on request and for specific projects!

If you’d like to find out more about Immersive Reality, contact us on +001 (866) 782 6063 or email us at We’d love to hear from you!

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