21st Century Storytelling with Immersive Reality

Immersive Reality spaces are not only perfect for education, but they are also a space which brings storytelling and experiences to life!

An Immersive Reality space opens up a world of unique shared experiences – it is the ultimate classroom, sensory room and therapy room all in one.

The innovative platform combines HD (high definition) projection on multiple walls and floors with stunning audio to produce sensory experiences which are inclusive for all. Put simply, it is virtual reality without the headset.

Our modern, interactive and inclusive spaces are brilliant for bringing people together in a new and innovative way. This is perfect for settings such as a library, where this technology can be used to raise engagement, as well as promote literature and storytelling. (1)

As a space for innovative and contemporary learning, the library is a fantastic place where virtual reality can be incorporated.

Because our spaces are inclusive, they allow all members of the community to learn about almost any topic. And because our in-house design team creates custom content, new ideas can be added regularly based on your requirements.

Activities that can be conducted in our spaces include viewing interactive art galleries, adding further dimensions to literature by immersing visitors in the worlds of different stories, or using inspiration from different scenes from around the world to inspire creative writing. They can also bring stories from the past to life!

Studies show that 64% of 5-10-year-olds and 58% 11-15-year-olds visited the library in the last year. (2) This percentage of child & teenage library visitors could definitely be raised, and introducing new and interesting technologies is perfect for attracting new visitors!

Incorporating virtual reality in library spaces has been shown to increase visitor numbers, introduce new audiences into the library space, as well as celebrate libraries as centres of innovation – showing that libraries are changing with the times. (3)

Immersive Reality has re-invented the storytelling experience, and provides a truly immersive learning experience. It has a remarkable impact on children\’s writing skills.

Children show complete focus when learning in this environment, and staff have seen a peak in the volume of work they produce, compared to lessons in the traditional classroom environment (see our Case Studies for specific comments from teachers and users of our spaces). Due to its multi-sensory nature, it provides a fantastic experience for children with special needs in particular.

Our spaces can be used for developing key life skills, which is especially beneficial for those with special needs. This includes developing empathy (as users can expose themselves to situations such as war zones and historical time periods) as well as building confidence by encouraging users to talk about their experiences within the room. (1)

The collaborative nature of the room encourages interaction, as the experiences are shared, rather than being a singular experience, which is offered by traditional VR (virtual reality) headsets. Removing the need for headsets makes virtual reality more accessible, particularly for those with special educational needs or disabilities, who may find headsets difficult or uncomfortable to use.

Users can also be asked to look around the space and talk about what they see – this is perfect for encouraging interaction, which is especially beneficial for more introverted individuals, as it reduces social barriers, and helps to build a community experience.

Our immersive rooms use high-specification projectors and sound systems to create dynamic and interactive scenes. Coupled with sound effects, these create a unique and mesmerising experience where children can get lost in their imagination and the literary world which surrounds them.

When installed in a venue such as a library, the community can benefit from the state-of-the-art technology on their doorstep. Schools in the area can be actively encouraged to visit the immersive space.

Using the facility at a low cost, schools benefit from exposing their pupils to a variety of technology, which may be out of the budget for some schools to deploy in-house. The knowledge of the pupils can grow as they embark on immersive learning, and teachers find that pupils produce more, better-quality work during lessons as a result of their surroundings.

To summarise, interactive and immersive technology is the perfect tool for bringing people together, whilst enhancing learning and creativity, and promoting storytelling in an innovative and engaging way.

An underutilised space or room can be turned into a fantastic immersive space, completely transforming the area into a modern and awe inspiring space to learn and explore!

If you’d like to find out more about Immersive Reality, contact us on +001 (866) 782 6063 or email us at info@immersiverealityusa.com. We’d love to hear from you!

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