Immersive Reality in Care Homes

There are a huge range of potential benefits of using an Immersive Reality space within a Care Home environment.

The use of an Immersive Reality space can help reduce confusion, anxiety, fear and aggression.

It can allow residents to visit favorite places around the world from the comfort of their chair. It can remind them about a family member or perhaps a job or hobby they used to have so ideal for reminiscence.

The residents can be introduced to new games designed for brain stimulation, tracking, coordination and balance skills and even keep fit in a safe environment.

Because residents have a better quality of life, their family and friends have better peace of mind that their loved ones are happier and more social. Finally, staff that provide care for residents are better able to perform their jobs with lower levels of stress and aggression.

In addition to these personal benefits, the care home business benefits by showing potential residents than the Care home really does care for its residents. In areas where Care homes are governed and reviewed by a overseeing body, having an Immersive Reality room may give the care home an improved rating.