The Future of Immersive Education? – VR Headsets vs Immersive Reality

Virtual Reality without the Headset – our digital multi-media platform provides shared, collaborative experiences for special needs education.

While Virtual Reality (VR) headsets are fantastic, our extensive experience shows they are not always appropriate, as they are a singular experience which enclose the user and reduce social interaction. At Immersive Reality, we have harnessed the power of VR and developed shared, multi person spaces – brilliant for collaboration and social development.

Our platform allows pupils to engage with a variety of environments like never before. By using projection instead of VR headsets, which can be socially isolating, students and teachers can encounter these learning experiences together, creating unique opportunities for group participation and social collaboration.

Experience is the best teacher – an Immersive Reality Space breaks down barriers, making almost any experience possible. Visit the plains of Africa to see elephants and lions, learn about animals at the farm, wander through a woodland and even go paragliding and scuba diving. The possibilities are endless.

The superb space immerses pupils in scenes that help them better understand the subject or life skill being taught. Teachers can now capture the attention of their students like never before and get them more actively involved in their learning, at any level, in an exciting and fun way.

It’s the most inspiring, interactive, calming educational therapy room ever!

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